Sunday, December 03, 2006

Long tail and sport

I just read a very interesting presentation from Bear Sterns about the long tail and media. Worth reviewing, in short the presentation is about how the long tail is becoming more important and over time will be a bigger market then the “big media”. It also states that the big opportunity is to aggregate the long tail and organize it in a way that users can find something useful to them.

I agree with most of what this presentation states and wanted to add a view about the long tail and sports. Most sport fans follow more then one sport team or event, we will typically have a big name team that we follow, it can be a football club, basketball, national team or tennis player. At the same time we also have a local favorite or a more obscure sport which we were introduced to and still have an interest in this is the long tail of sport. Growing up in Israel I was a natural football and basketball fan. In a very early age I was introduced to golf by father and took to the game, for years I would spend all summer at Israel’s one and only golf course and would devour any piece of information I could get about the game. My ex roommate from boarding school remains an avid follower of swimming as he continues to support his University football team. As we add more sports on Sportingo we are noticing that fans want to share their thought on more then one sport. A Westham fan might have a lot to say about cricket or rugby and our own Mark Rivlin who is a passionate Leads fan shares his love for the game of chess. The beauty of the web is how easy it is for a person to find a way to express all of their areas of interest and find easy access to more like minded people. Our goal of for Sportingo to enable sport fans to find more ways to express their full range of interests.

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Craig Hackney said...

Hi Ze'ev,
I've been submitting articles to Sportingo for a few weeks now and love the site. It's a brave thing to have amateurs drive the content of your site, but I'm impressed by the quality of the writing that has been appearing.

You are quite right that most sports lovers follow more than one sport and those who enjoy writing about it want to share their opinions on all sports. It's not always appreciated, as I've found out, but it is a bit of a thrill to see your work published and have others read and pass comment. Overall it has been a great experience.

The team you have running the day to day operations are quite exceptional. They are keen and responsive and are able to take our semi-literate ramblings and turn them into structured and eloquent articles without removeing the author's personality, quite a skill!

Anyhow, thanks for providing a forum for folks like me to inflict our views upon the world. Here's hoping that it conmtinues to be a success.