Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Time people of the Year

Time just announced that the person of the year is You, a generic term which stands for all of us that are taking part in a revolution in the world of media. A change from you the editor deciding what is important to US the users saying what we care about. As the CEO of Sportingo I feel that a bit of this selection is also due to the efforts of the scores of writers that have been publishing their opinions on Sportingo. You are shaping a new agenda in the world of sports, talking about subjects ranging from how did cancer effect Lance Armstrong’s performance, to taking a child to watch their first football match. The numbers of people taking part in participatory media is growing and we are very glad to lead the way for so many talented writers in the world of sports. This is also a good opportunity to highlight the results of our first writer competition and an amusing view of why football is the greatest sport of them all.

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