Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Joost beta

I finally got the chance to download and test the new Joost client. Overall I was a bit disappointed. I don’t think the interface is that intuitive and was having a hard time figuring out how I can go back or stop the video from running. Coming from the world of sports I was looking for what sport content was available and could not find much. Even what I found would not play through and seemed to be jerky. It could be due to the fact that I was connected at the office and the network was busy, but I was expecting more from the people that created Skype. Perhaps the quality will get better once more people sign up.

The good news is that within a year watching TV on the Internet will be as common place as using the Internet for international calling. I believe that Joost will fix some of the initial problems get a lot more content and tens of millions of users. I will keep you posted on my future experiences using Joost.


ahmad said...

please be kind enough to invite me to download joost
my emial

Ze'ev said...

I sent you an email with a code

Anonymous said...

I was browsing to see what channels they had to offer and it really didn't look like it had a lot of content. It'll be interesting to see if they'll air big-name stations.

Oh and if you can kindly send me a code as well.

Tom said...

Hi, I see that Joost is allowing Beta testers to give out unlimted invites starting today! Wow! Would you be willing to send me an invite please?

Many thanks!

MeK_KoTaPaK said...

Hi :)
Can you send me an invitation.

Vinod @ VinodLive! said...

800 More invitations are available at:-

Eugene said...

hi can please send me an invitation..
thanks very much!