Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Red Herring and General updates

I have not published on my blog for some time as I find myself extremely busy with work and life. A quick update regarding the past few weeks. I attended the Red Herring Venture conference in Cannes two weeks ago. The conference took place at the Internconntinental hotel which is one of the prim hotels in Cannes. A very interesting event which exposed me to several very interesting European companies and investors. My insight is that Europe is still far behind the US or Israel in terms of the opportunities for an early stage technology/ new media company. It seems that the culture and infrastructure do not support the level of commitment and risk taking that is needed for a successful entrepreneur culture to evolve.

We are getting very good feedback about our partnerships with leading sport organizations such as the allbalcks. Are partnerships allow sport organizations to add quality user generated content from Sportingo writers to their site as fan driven news. The articles that are published on these sites seem to get a lot of attention and we will be announcing several more partnerships in the very near future.

Our team continues to grow and we have several open positions. I am interviewing for an online marketing manager and looking for a web developer to join our team.

Our online media guide is about to launch which has been keeping us extremely busy in the past few weeks, I will post some more information once we launch.

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