Thursday, January 25, 2007

More stats

Sportingo is growing and on the 16 of January we hit a milestone, the first time we had over 10,000 visitors on the site in one day. To be exact we had 11,663 visitors on the site on that day. We have been flirting with the 10,000 figure since early in January and it felt good for the moment to break it (our next goal 100,000 a day). Measuring traffic can get to be addictive. I got emails from some of our authors that go back to check the stats on their article every 10 minutes. It is very satisfying to see people responding you’re an article you wrote and knowing that someone out there took the time to read it. I wish I could meet with every one of the people that visited the site on that day, unfortunately I could not even manage reading all the articles that we published that day. Turning a general number into a specific person is what makes the social web so unique. In the past week I have emailed with a new contributor from Australia, a Shaun who is working on their Phd on English history from Oxford, a Mathematics Phd candidate from the US and an Indian Engineering Phd candidate (I guess we are attracting a smart crowd). I will try featuring some of the more interesting people that I get to meet through Sportingo in future posts.

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