Friday, May 30, 2008

Site stats

I have stayed away from the subject of site statistics for some time now but thought there were a few interesting numbers I could share.

Last week I spoke at a seminar about sport rights for my presentation I run a search on the most popular events viewed on our media guide.

The results were fascinating

The most popular event on Whatsonline this year was the Joe Calzaghe fight. Second most popular was the Australian F1 race. The rest of the list is mostly football matches with two surprising entries. At number five cane the IIHF World Championship in Russia and at number nine the European Weightlifting championships. These numbers are far from scientific but show that a niche sport can have a sizeable audience online as they opportunity for watching that sport on TV is limited.

One last statistic I would like to share is that we finally broke the 100,000 daily visitors mark. Congratulations to the team for a marvelous effort, any bets on when we will hit the 1,000,000 mark?

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