Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Thoughts about the Super Bowl

I am in California for the Israelweb Tour. In between meetings I wanted to share some thoughts about yesterday’s Super ball. I am not a huge American Football fan and did not watch all of the game but was fortunate enough to watch the four quarter of the game. What I found so fascinating was the pressure and volatility of the game. The two moments which were the most powerful for me in the game illustrate what is so great about sport and why so many of us are passionate about it.
The first was Eli Manning making a great pass that gave him a much needed first down which then lead to the touchdown. The second was the last moment through Tom Brady that almost made an impossible come back and last second touchdown.
What made these two moments so special was how close the were yet ended in completely different results. Manning pass was almost dropped (sorry I could not find the name of the person that caught it) while Brady’s pass was an inch away from being caught. Image how different today’s headlines would read today with only a few inches making the difference between winning or loosing the most watched sport event of the year.


Anonymous said...


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Coach said...

Actually it is the Super "BOWL", not Ball. Nevertheless, it was a good article so I gave you a Digg, and Blogged it. http://nflclassifieds.blogspot.com/

Ze'ev said...


Thanks for your pointing our my error and for your comment.


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