Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This is a post I wrote several weeks about after Soccerex and by mistake was not published. It is a bit out of date but still relevant in many ways.

Soccerex is the largest football related conference in the world and brings together football clubs, associations, and all types of business that surround the beautiful game.

The conference was hosted at a suburb of Johannesburg and hospitality was superb. It seems very important for the South African to show what a great host country they will be for the upcoming World Cup and the amount of security around the event was almost ridicules. I doubt they will be able to have this much security with hundreds of thousands of fans visiting from all over the world in two years. My view is that the World Cup in 2010 will be a success. Visitors will enjoy the fascinating and friendly land of South Africa and unfortunately crime will also be part of the games with a fair share of muggings robbery etc. Hopefully no tourist will loose their life. I am looking forward to the World Cup and to many more visits to South Africa.

For Sportingo the show was another opportunity to advance the cause of social media and sport and expand our partnership base for the fast growing guide What’s Online. We have several new partners (more in a separate entry) and the amount of coverage of the media guide is growing each week. We are considering renaming the service, if you have any ideas please leave a comment on email me.

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