Thursday, November 08, 2007

Which team should I support

Last week I published an article on Sportingo asking for suggestions on which team I should support. The response to the article was for the most part very positive in particular by Lyton Orient fans that have been very welcoming.

I wanted to quote a couple of my favorite comments which for me symbolize all that is good about supporting a team

The first by MarkR “great ot see the Os fans rallying to the cause...i was new to london a few years back and because i live in clapton (remember clapton orient?!) i took to following the Os. and i can tell you all, it's the best club in the UK, great supporters (i was there at leeds, amazing), great local pride and this season great football.”

And the second by Steve Jenkins

“Sample a game at Brisbane Road and you will be hooked. So many Orient fans started their support of the mighty O's by paying a casual visit - once you have sampled the real guts and thunder of life in League 1 with the Orient you will be with us always! Leyton Orient have such a proud history and are the second oldest professional league club in London and the oldest London Club in the Football League - check out the O's WW1 history on the club's website or just Google and see for yourself. The Leyton Orient Supporters' Club has over 1400 members and will serve you one of your best pints you will ever have!”

With this type of response I will just have to make to an O’s game and see what is like.

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