Monday, October 22, 2007


I am on my way back from Sportel. The show is the largest market for sport rights in the world. Media right holders, TV broadcasters and sport organizations all meet to discuss rights. Around these meetings lots of service provides pitch their offering. Sportingo exhibited at the show for the first time and got a very good response from the market. Our push to create the most comprehensive guide for watching sports online is welcomed by an industry that is very fragmented. If you look at the total number of sport events run every week you will realize that even the largest broadcasters such as ESPN, Eurosport or Sky only show a fraction of all the sport out there. Sportingo’s What’s Online is becoming a central place for fans from around the world to find the sport media they are interested in. We will soon be announcing a number of exciting new partners and before the end of year will be realizing a new version of the site that will both improve our platform and the user experience for fans searching for media. We are also looking at localizing the service into additional languages, any suggestions on what should come first? French, Spanish? German? I would appreciate your comments.


John Fatland said...

Now that Sportingo has become a household name worldwide. When will we be able to purchase logo stuff like hats, shirts, etc..?

Ze'ev said...


Thanks for thinking so highly about us, I promise to post once we have Sportingo stuff.

The Pulse - said...


I have read your blog with great interest, and have a small request for

We are a group of journalism students who are covering the sports conference
Play the Game on Iceland.

Thursday Andrew Moger will be speaking at the conference about exactly this subject: Media and the rights to cover sports events.

We are hoping to create a dialogue on our page about the issue, and would greatly appreciate if you would look by our webpage,, and take part in the debate already now!

Your experience and knowledge would be very welcome,

Frederikke Toemmergaard
The Pulse