Friday, October 12, 2007

More about London

It has been a month and a half since we relocated to London and I thought I would share some more of my experiences in the city.

It seems that we finally found a place to live, as simple as it sounds finding a place for a family of four is not that simple in this city. With so many neighborhoods to choose from and considerations in finding the right place the search got very complicated. For example I had no idea that we need to register our 3/12 year old to school now or we will not be able to get him into a good school in two years.

Everybody is obsessed with celebrity gossip and sports. The obsession for sport is a good thing for us and I can only appreciate the passion for the game now that I live in London. Once I move into our new home I will write more about this and about the whole process of choosing a team to support.

It seems that the whole media world is centered in London, the access to partners, clients and suppliers it wonderful. In some cases things take longer then I would like the to but that is the nature of working with large media partners.

Everything is so expensive. I am about to sub lease a small office for our London based team ( a basic room with four desks). The price for this room is going to be over 50% more then we pay for a large office that can fit more then 20 people in Israel.

We will be off to Sportel next week. This is the major sport conference of the year in which media right holder, sport federations and media companies all come together. A very intense few days, the only upside is the location in lovely Monte Carlo.

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