Saturday, September 29, 2007

Move to London

I have not updated my blog for a while and wanted to apologize to my devoted readers (all three of you). In late August I relocated to London with my family and am in the process of opening our local office and getting situated in a new city. This major life change has left me with zero free time and as my blog shows. A few impressions about life in London. It is very expensive, I was told to expect that but it is still even more expensive then you expect.

Pubic transportation does not work for a family with young kids. I don’t know what they were thinking about when building the public transport but it is virtually impossible to get around with young kids and a stroller. Fortunately people are very nice and help you carry the stroller up and down stairs.

It is a great city for kids. If you manage to get from one place to the other it is a fan city for kids. Lot’s of things to do, wonderful parks and the never ending entertainment (ta least for my 2 and 3 year olds) of watching the Queen’s guards.

From a company prospective I am having to adjust to managing the team remotely, skype is very useful and my new blackberry makes it possible to go out to meetings and stay in touch (very useful when our nanny called in sick and my wife was out house hunting so I ended up taking the boys to the park).

There are a number of new partnerships that we have been working on that I would love to share and hope that in the next week I can make them all public knowledge.

Wish me luck in our hunt for a new family home in London.

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