Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We have reached a new stage in the establishment of Sportingo as equal players in the world of sport media. Sportingo was approved for official press coverage for several prestigious sport events. Through our partnership with FIBA we will be sending a fan on assignment to cover the semi finals and finals of the Americans Basketball Tournament in Las Vegas. For those of you that do not follow basketball this is the tournament which decides which teams qualify to play in the 2008 Olympics. We have launched a contest on Sportingo to determine the best person to cover the event.

For all you rugby fans we are offering a chance to report on the up coming Rugby World Cup in France. I will share some more information about our contest and the experiences of fans that get a chance to be part of the accredited media.

This is a good opportunity to praise the great work by Ed McGrogan who was sent to cover the Fed Cup tie between the US and Russia.

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