Sunday, June 03, 2007

Partnership with FIBA

Last week we started a new basketball section on Sportingo. The new section is a combination of the increased interest in basketball we get from our writers and a new partnership with singed with FIBA (the world governing body for the game). FIBA recently launched a new website with a massive amount of new content and features. As part of the new launch they were looking for a partner that could help them add quality user generated content to their site. FIBA has traditionally used fan reports to provide articles and statistics so partnering with Sportingo was a natural fit.

The partnership with FIBA adds to our existing relationships with the ITF the New Zealand Allblacks and is part of our ongoing effort to help leading sport organizations around the world to add quality user content to their sites. This partnerships affirms the growing importance of UGC to traditional media organizations and I believe that we will see this trend continue to grow as highbred models are developed that integrate social media in a better way to traditional media.

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