Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Buying Caughtoffside

I am very pleased to post about our recent acquisition of Caughtoofside and Chris joining the team and Chief Editor. Caughtoffside were one of Sportingo’s first partners and are a very well respected and successful football blog. Chris who started the blog over a year ago shares our passion for sports and has built a great following of avid fans around the world. Earlier this year Chris quite his day job as an advertising executive to focus on building Caughtoffside. We started our dialog in April and after spending several days together it became clear that we had a lot in common and the way to having Chris join was paved.
Chris will be filling a new position as Chief Editor and will take over responsibly for the content on the site, working with our partners and contributors to improve the quality and depth of Sportingo. For more information you can read Paidcontent’s account of the transaction.

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