Friday, May 18, 2007

Setting new records

Today’s post is a bit of aself promotion. Since launching Sportingo we have seen a steady growth rate, in the first month we got excited about any article that got more then 100 views then the bar went up to 1,000 and soon after 5,000. In April we had several articles that got close to 10,000 views but none managed breaking that barrier. In early May one of most proflic writers midnightjester submitted a two part article about how the Spurs can become one of the big four clubs in England the article did very well and reach about 11,000 views within 2 days. Several days later the article got picked up again and this time went through the 15,000 then the 20,000 mark fell and the article now stand on 23,375. The Midnight Jester who has been writing for us over the past few months and is an avid Spurs fans managed creating a nice following on the site and drove a lot more conversations about his team. Incidentally although the Spurs are a London team our writer is based in South Africa proving that great writing and passion for sports are an international skill.
This article success paved the way for other articles to break the 10,000 market with several other reaching very impressive numbers Luke Durkin’s article about Gareth Bale reaching 12,548, Tom Harness article about Xabi Alonso 11,338 Orion Assante piece about Arsenal’s signing for next season at 11,085 plus a lot of very negative response from Arsenal fans around the web.

The articles and authors I mentioned are all great pieces and deserve the attention they got online. I still can’t predict why one article will do so much better then the others, and for each great article that got read by 10,000 viewers we have 5 other articles that are as good and got read by less then 1,000.

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