Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sportingo makes short list in the market competition

Several weeks ago we entered a competition hosted by Themarker magazine and Microsoft for the most promising Israeli Start Up in 2007. This is a fairly prestigious competition and I was very pleased that Sportingo was selected as one of the top three companies (the article is in Hebrew). We now get a chance to present the company on Sunday infort of a crowd of over 1,000 people and a panel of judges. Yesterday when it was announced that we made the short list I got to talk to one of the judges and asked him what sport he follows. He said that he is not a big sport fan, but when he goes to work all his partners just keep talking and analyzing the latest games, so he figured that giving them a platform to write and discuss their love for sport must be a good idea.

We could not have said this any better ourselves and the hundreds of contributors to Sportingo, thousands of people commenting and hundreds of thousands visiting the site also agree with this statement. I better get back to work as I need to prepare a captivating presentation for next Sunday. If you have any ideas on what should my best 5 minute pitch include please don’t be shy in sharing your thoughts.

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