Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cricket World Cup

Let me start with a confusion I am not a cricket fan and know very little about the game. Four months ago if you would have told me the Ashes were about to take place I would have given you a blank look. I am still far from an expert of the sport and have not had the privilege to see a live match at Lord’s but I am beginning to get a better idea of what makes this game so special. This is mostly due to the fantastic contributions we have been getting from our growing number of cricket writers. With the World Cup starting in a week we are offering an alternative for avid cricket fans to get coverage of the matches. We now have fan writers covering all the contending teams and expect to have some great stories coming in following each match. Will Australia get back to form and dominate the game, is Sri Lanka the big surprise for the tournament, or perhaps South African can overcome its history to win the Cup. I do hope you come to Sportingo to read comment and write your views about this great tournament.

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