Sunday, February 25, 2007

New version of the site

The new version of the site is finally up and running. We started this project with some minor changes to the site based on feedback from our readers and ended up with a full redesign of the site and some great new functionality. The beauty of the web is the instant feedback we get to the site, and our ability to continue and make changes in very rapid development cycles. As CEO one of my big challenges is deciding how much we should follow our instincts compared to going through the rigiours process of market research. I expect that companies such as Google, Yahoo etc go through a lot of research for any change on their site. As a young company we relay on feedback from our audience and integrate it into a vision for the site and what we think our users would like to see.

Our next big release is due early April when we launch our media guide (I will write more about it and the changing face of sport broadcasting over the Internet).

I hope you like the new design and would appreciate feedback on the site.

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