Tuesday, October 10, 2006

YouTube and the future of TV

You Tube – what an amazing story, I am sure there are probably thousands of entries about YouTube today and most of them will have a lot more insight then I will. Especially I am not a big YouTube user and usually prefer Metacafe. Video on the web and clearly arrived, be it user generated, sport and funny clips, porn or news. Similar to the growth of music, for the most part it disregards copyright laws. The point at this stage is to figure out what people want, how do they wish to interact with video content and then to build related models to support the creation of excellent content. I believe that biggest threat all thee new services present are to the TV industry and the events that rely on hundreds of millions of TV licensing fees as their main source of revenue. Why would Sky, NBC, ABC or any other major channel pay the billion + fee that the major event holders (be it music or sports) are asking for as the number of people watching these events through their channels is eroding.

I believe that broadband and the web can present a superior viewing experience to some users. It will be up to the rights holders to embrace this new technology and find ways to provide the viewers with a superior user experience so they deiced to view the game through a channel that can generate revenue for the rights holders instead of looking for alternatives.

Next week I will be attending Sportel in Monaco. Sportel is the major conference for buying and selling of sport TV rights. This year the conference is emphasizing new media, how the industry is effected by mobile and Internet broadcasting. I will do my best to update my blog on a daily basis from the show (a better use of my time then visiting the casino)

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