Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Organic farming and Internet marketing

I am a novice organic farmer and have learned that it is very difficult to predict how my crops will develop. A few months ago I planted a row of corn, several of the seeds grow fast and in no time offered sweet corn, while others lingered and some did not develop at all. I have no way of figuring out why this happened, they all get a similar amount of water, sunlight and nourishing soil. The same happened with the watermelons I grow earlier in the summer, a few became huge and ended up being very sweet while others remained pink and did not achieve that deep red color of a wonderfully sweet watermelon and ended up as food for the local goats and horses. What does this have to do with new media? Actually I find a similar behavior with the traffic on our site. We see a growing number of visitors but for some reason (which I don’t fully understand yet) some articles are getting hundreds of visits while others linger with little attention from our audience. For my organic gardening I turn o the local framers and seek advice, and once in a while they visit my garden and give me some tips on plant rotation, time of year to plant extra. For web traffic we turn to SEO experts or as I call our expert algorithm influencers. As their job is to influence the all mighty Google algorithm to notice our little site and spread the word. I still can’t fully figure out why so many people preferred the story about Ronaldo to that about Beckham or why the story about the semi finals of the Australian Football League was so much more popular then the report about the finals. I guess that jus like gardening the only way to figure this out is time and a lot of trial and error.


Herman said...


You guys have an awesome idea over at Sportingo. I personally spend hours every day looking for articles to read about football, hockey, and pretty much every other sport there is. If Sportingo builds a more concrete user base, I can see traffic here increasing quite a bit. Have you also thought about introducing ways for users to submit injury reports and transfer rumors? I think that if you can develop the service so that it offers the most complete and user-driven set of news in real-time, many people will come to this site to keep themselves updated with the sporting world.

Speaking of which, where are you guys located? I'm currently a student in the United States and am looking to join a small start-up company and Sportingo definitely seems interesting to me. You can visit my personal website at [ http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/~hman ]. Hope your site continues to do well!

- Herman Ng

Ze'ev said...


Thanks for your comments, we are going to add some more functionality around getting news from the contributors, keep checking the site for more of our updates. The company is headquartered in Israel with remote workers around the world. Good luck with you job search, we will keep your resume on file and contact you if we have an opening that fits your background.


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