Sunday, October 15, 2006

Interesting traffic statistics

We have been live for just over a month so this might be a bit early to come up with conclusive traffic analysis but with the power of Google analytics I can’t help myself but share some of my insights to date.

80% of the people accessing Sportingo are connected through broadband. This is a very encouraging number as it supports the next stage in our development – streaming of live sport events.

Over 30% of the users are accessing the site using Firefox, this is a much higher number then I ever expected. I wonder if this number will continue to grow or the launch of Microsoft’s Vista will reverse the trend.

English readers spend more time on the site and are more likely to click on a related article then American readers. Since we are targeting European sports this should not be surprising, yet it is a good to see that we are managing to target our core audience.

People surf a lot more during the week, I was very surprised by this stat. Since so much of sport happens over the weekend I expected to see more of our traffic on the weekend. Apparently people log in to read about sport during work hours. Our site typically gets busier as the work day progresses.

The ability to track and analyze makes the Internet such a fascinating medium. I will keep sharing some of the interesting stats that we learn as we continue to grow.

I am off to Sportel tonight and will try sending up daily updates from the show.

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