Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hello world

Hello world,

This is my first blog entry, for the past year I have been an obsessive reader of blogs and an occasional commentator but I have resisted the plunge into the midst of writing. I guess that as a CEO of a new media/ internet/ web 2.0 start up I am obliged to share my thoughts with the world. Let me start with a world of caution I am dyslectic if a word has more then 3 letters I will most likely misspell it. Fortunately the spell checkers catch most of my mistake but not all of them.
  • So if a word makes no sense then I am making no sense
  • I was writing at 5:30 in the morning after giving my baby boy his morning bottle
  • The spell checker changed what I meant and I did not catch it

I am the CEO and co founder of Sportingo a new fan generated news and community sport site (more about the company later), father of Liam and Elay, husband to Lisa, serial entrepreneur and lately amateur organic farmer.

I started my first company in 1993, long before the Internet craze. At the time I was a history student at Tel Aviv University and some friends of mine where digitizing dental magazines onto CD-ROM. I was fascinated with what the CD enabled and started thinking of how this new media could be applicable. That brought o the founding of Sport Electronic Archiving (SEA for short) which focused on creating sport related new media products. We licensed rights from leading sport organizations such as the International Olympic Committee, the NBA and others and created interactive sport encyclopedias about sport.

My business partner and I took the company public in London in 1996 and then saw our whole market change with the growth of the web. I moved on to co found Manna which developed a real time personalization engine, idealive an attempt to create a market place for developing. funding and distributing media. I moved on to work with several other technology companies both as an executive and consultant and earlier this year teamed up with Tal Barnoach my partner from SEA days to start Sportingo.

I will not go into to many details about Sportingo today you can read what Techcrunch thought about us TechCrunch. What I will go into in this blog are my thought about the Internet how it is changing media and my general experience as an entrepreneur and CEO.

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